2 Examples of Homeowner Mistakes

Inexperienced Renovators

I recently came across two examples of updates made by homeowners that are fairly common.  In general homeowners won’t attempt repairs on core systems like electrical or heating.  Repairs or updates to plumbing and roofs are quite common.  The following are two actual examples I have come across in my inspections.

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How does your roof look after this winter?

Evaluating your sloped roof.

Roofing Basics

Most sloped roofs in Ottawa and surrounding areas have Asphalt Shingles.  These are easily identifiable by the 3 tabs visible on the shingle.  Becoming more popular are Composite Shingles or as they are sometimes called, Architectural Shingles.  This type of shingle employs the same principle as “organic” asphalt shingles in that they have a granular shell.  The shell protects the substrate of the shingle, be it felt paper or fibre-glass from the suns destructive UV rays.

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