Insulation. How much does your house have?

Insulation Basics

The purpose of insulation is to slow the rate of heat transfer.  Insulation does not stop heat from moving out of your home in the winter or into your home in the summer.  Insulation traps air pockets within itself and it is this that insulates.  We measure insulation value with the concept of thermal resistance or R value. The higher the R value the greater the thermal resistance.

All building materials have insulating value:  plaster, drywall, vapour barrier, wood sheathing or boards and siding.  These just don’t trap as much air as fibre-glass insulation.  For example, a 2 x 4 exterior wall with wood sheathing, vapour barrier and drywall may have a R value of 2 – 3.  So if you add fibre-glass batts with a value of R 12, your total wall insulation is actually at R 14 or 15.

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