Aluminium Wire

Do you have Aluminium wire in your house?

This is a good question and one that comes up fairly often with home buyers and owners.  Aluminium wire was used in homes between the late 1960’s and 1978 (roughly).  There were almost 150 000 homes built in that time in Ottawa (according to the 2016 Census).  This is the most prolific home building period in Ottawa with nothing even coming close before or since.  Chances are if your home was built in that almost 20 year period, it was wired with Aluminium.

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Outdoor Electrical

Outdoor Plugs.  Do you have the right kind?

Getting ready for spring you will likely want to have power supply outside.  You may want it for a power-washer, electric lawn equipment (weed trimmer, lawn mower), a vacuum for cleaning your car or even some music.  Because exterior outlets are exposed to the elements they should be GFI outlets.

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